The human eye is capable of recognizing objects starting at around 40 μm as black dots under optimal circumstances. The brain then processes the input from the retina and passes the result to the next process step. To not just see but evaluate objects of a few micrometers in size a appropriate magnification is needed.

Image Capturing Device

The measuring principle of the systems by Visiolytics work similar to the visual perception of humans. An automated microscope (processing unit, left) undertakes  the task of being the eye of the system. The generated images are passed to the evaluation software. Using an artificial intelligence the software processes the images not unlike to a human brain. The main components of the processing unit are the camera with magnification optics and the proper light source as well as a flow cell. The fluid sample is pumped through the flow cell continuously while the evaluation software is processing the generated images.

Measuring in real time provides timeresolved data such as size, object count or classification of objects. The continuous variation of particular measured variables allows for further insights to complex correlations. The AI uses modern neural networks to process the huge amounts of data in real time. Theses are trained with datasets for your individual use case.

Neuron Network Schema