VIEW – early damage detection system

The VIEW sets new standards for early damage detection

The implementation of early damage detection systems avoids expensive downtimes and reduces development costs. The VIEW is a highly automated laboratory for particle analysis. It collects data about the health condition of the test object throughout the entire test run. Particles that are the result of abrasive wear starting at the size of 1 micron are analyzed continuously. Primary damages shall be detected before the cause is veiled by secondary damages. The online evaluation of particle shapes and wear classification enables the operator to identify the cause of damage during the test run.

Advantages of Visiolytics’ particle-based early damage detection:

  • Mobile and flexible implementation
  • Fast setup and integration into the test bench
  • No time-consuming calibration or learning time required
  • transparent and coherent test results
  • Easy and user-friendly operation
  • Particle analysis in real time
  • Fast amortisation of the investment

Fields of application

The VIEW can be used on R&D test benches for engines and transmissions. It is integrated into the oil circuit of the test object as a bypass. The communication with the test beds automation is achieved with analogue and digital in- and outputs as well as CAN-Bus interface. The VIEW can be used to only give warnings or to actively intervene to prevent damages to the test object and test bench at the first sign of a failure.

Method of early damage detection

The VIEW is taking many variables into account when it comes to the decision making. For example:

  • Particle count per ml
  • Particle sizes and shapes
  • Sensor data (temperature and pressure)
  • Proportional distribution of wear types between detected particles
  • Fixed rules of cleanliness

By continuously monitoring the measured data the VIEW is able to predict the trend of various collected variables.

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